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725,000 people are killed each year by mosquitoes

No one is safe. Protect yourself and your loved ones


This is the best mosquito killer! I left my back door open for my dog one day and woke up to soo many bites on my ankles and feet. I left this in my room the next night and it caught about 12 of these overnight! Highly recommend!!

Megan A.

I love it! This thing worked wonders for me when I left it out in my backyard! Mosquitos have been driving me crazy when I'm out on my deck relaxing after a long day. I can safely say they don't bother me anymore. Definitely recommend it!

Mark L.

It's so satisfying seeing how many mosquitos this thing catches in a day! I actually look forward to it now when I get home from work lol. I ordered this on a whim and took a chance, and I'm sure glad I did! Works exactly as advertised.

Karen G.